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Jones Harris: Past, present and future

Jones Harris might have recently celebrated over 5 decades of assisting clients with a bespoke accountancy service tailored to everyone’s individual accounting and taxation needs, but we have never been more forward thinking.

Fifteen years ago, we took the lead in becoming a paperless office and continue to significantly invest in ensuring that we are up to date with the latest technological innovations. Our firm continues to retain the Fleetwood office, however as a result of our advanced technology and effective business model, client needs can be met wherever they are based. Despite the modern advances however the core principles of client service and personal attention are as strong today as they were at the firm’s inception.

Specialist support

Charles Bryning, our Managing Director explains: “People are a key part of our effectiveness, and we ensure that all our departments are staffed by highly trained and effective personnel. To guarantee our advice to clients is relevant and timely we provide ongoing professional training to all departments. We are further aware of the external demands modern living places on staff so look to provide a supportive and positive work environment.”

Martin Wigley, our Technical and Audit Director adds: “We understand that business owners have significant pressures, and we take away a lot of time-consuming demands and stresses. Clients can be assured that they are constantly getting the best guidance from the technical tax team and specialised staff.”

Phil Crankshaw, Production Director stated: “Anyone can call themselves an accountant and with some basic software, prepare a set of accounts but what advice is the business being given?”

Future Proofing

Stewart Case, Director and responsible for GDPR has also worked in industry and fully appreciates the challenges business owners face. He shares the following thoughts:, “Businesses are under constant pressure; the changes that are about to come with MTD are the biggest since self-assessment. It’s going to require people to keep regular records in a more formal and digital way and we are already working with our current client base to ensure a seamless transition.”

Speak to the team

The friendly professionals here at Jones Harris are here to help you, whether you run an SME, a large company or are just starting out. Why not give us a call to see how our bespoke service can benefit you.