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Company Secretarial

We understand that keeping up with paperwork and regulatory requirements can be overwhelming. Our team of experts will manage these intricate details for you, ensuring that your company remains compliant and you can focus on your business.

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Being a director of a Limited Company comes with responsibilities and deadlines. Once you have formed a Limited Company, you need to keep the paperwork up to date. Our Company Secretarial services do just that.

On an annual basis, directors are responsible for filing the company accounts and submitting confirmation statements. They also need to complete the correct forms and minutes to notify Companies House of any changes in the company structure. Do you really have time to find out whether you need to file a TM01, AP01, SH08 or something else? Our Company Secretarial service can advise what needs to be completed so you remain compliant.

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Company Formation

Forming a well-structured Limited Company from the very start is vital. We provide this expertise and can also advise you if a Limited Company is the right vehicle for your business. Understanding about appointing the right directors, producing Articles of Association and allocating different share types are just some of the considerations you can discuss with the experts here at Jones Harris.

How can we help you?

Managing a Limited Company involves keeping up with various forms and deadlines, especially when there are changes in the company structure. Whether it’s filing a TM01, AP01, SH08, or any other form, the process can be time-consuming and confusing. We take this administrative burden off your shoulders. Our expert team will handle the correct forms and minutes needed to notify Companies House of any structural changes, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Trust us to keep your company compliant while you concentrate on growth and success.

Jones Harris: Your Dedicated Partners in Business

Our tailored approach ensures that our services align precisely with your needs.

With a commitment to transparency, lasting relationships, and a genuine passion for your success, we stand out as a trusted partner ready to guide you through every financial aspect of your journey.

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We take immense pride in the success and satisfaction of our clients. Their words speak volumes about our commitment, expertise, and the genuine relationships we build.

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