Trust taxation

Trusts are essentially a way of managing assets. They can take a variety of forms and they may be set up for a variety of reasons. Often, the motivation will be to minimise tax liabilities – for example with respect to inheritance or long-held family assets.

For those responsible for managing a trust, taxation is a perennial concern and periodic reviews can be a valuable way of protecting the value of its assets.

Whether we’ve just helped you set up a trust or whether you’re managing one that’s very well established, our directors and tax experts are ideally placed to help you with a variety of legal and operation concerns.

We can help by:

  • Giving strategic advice on the management of the trust itself
  • Preparing annual accounts
  • Maintaining management accounts to give trustees a clear picture of the trust’s performance
  • Calculating liabilities
  • Preparing a tax self-assessment
  • Managing accounts submissions
  • Informing trustees of payment deadlines
  • Dealing with issues such as the appointment of new trustees

At Jones Harris, we are highly experienced in working with family businesses and can offer expert advice on issues such as succession planning, business sales and exit strategies. Through our joint venture business, Jones Harris Chartered Financial Planners, we can also provide clear and valuable advice about other related concerns such as inheritance tax and protecting family investments.

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