Think Before You Click

If you thought you’d see the back of fake emails following the introduction of GDPR, think again, and always think before you click. ActionFraud has received multiple reports about fake ‘LinkedIn’ emails which are designed to steal your personal details.

Above image includes a fake LinkedIn email on the left and a genuine one on the right.

It seems a long time since the spring of 2018, when GDPR was high on everyone’s agenda. It did provide an enforced opportunity to clean up your own systems for collecting and storing data, along with a chance to clear out your inbox.

However, it hasn’t stopped spam, junk and downright unwanted emails from appearing in those same inboxes every day, so you should remain on your guard now, just as much as you were before GDPR.

ActionFraud has circulated alerts regarding these emails which claim to be from the popular business-based social media platform.

LinkedIn has 546m users around the world, and when an average user has 400 connections, it’s easy to see why it’s a popular target for scammers.

Think Before you Click

When you’re busy and have lots to do it’s so easy to click on the wrong email. After all, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck, it must be a duck? Right? Wrong.

But look again. The fake email above left gives itself away with a spelling mistake.

You appeared in 6 search this week’. Really? Although many of these scam emails look very genuine at a very quick glance, they often give themselves away with small details like this.

Maybe the moral of this warning from ActionFraud is to concentrate on one job at a time.

But Please do Join us on LinkedIn

The irony of this article being, of course, that here at Jones Harris we do use LinkedIn as a network to share information and develop our own knowledge.

Please do join our LinkedIn business page, Jones Harris Accountants.

Jones Harris LinkedIn company page - think before you click
Jones Harris LinkedIn company page

If you do make that awful mistake of clicking on the wrong message, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Jones Harris. We won’t be able to put your IT systems right, because we’re numbers people after all. But you can bet that with our huge network of contacts we’ll know someone who can.

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