There’s a significant change ahead for all residential property owners with Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to pay. From April 2020 a new piece of tax legislation comes into force. It might apply to the sale of any second homes and investment properties which you own. Change Ahead for Residential Property Owners The new rule applies […]

It’s a given that we all have a digital footprint nowadays. You should also be aware that information about you on the internet can also be used by HMRC. You don’t know whether or not the tax man is watching you online. The Tax Man is Watching You… HMRC is increasingly effective at joining up […]

We have now seen the response of HMRC to representations made by accountants and other interested parties to their Making Tax Digital (MTD) agenda. A reminder that MTD will result in the gradual digitisation of small business (including landlords) reporting to HMRC. The present proposals will oblige smaller businesses to upload quarterly data to HMRC […]