Don’t Panic about Stock Market Falls

Whenever someone says ‘don’t panic’ what do we all do? Typically panic!! The News at 10 has headlined recent stock market falls. When it makes the news, then the public take note.

The US, UK, European, and Japanese markets fell by up to 7-10% in the first week or so of February 2018.

Why you shouldn’t panic about stock market falls

George Critchley and Mark O’Neill, Directors at Jones Harris Chartered Financial Planners are not panicking. “We have been waiting for a 5-10% correction now for over 2 years. It is a sign of healthy markets. Our Fund Managers have enjoyed several years of good and fairly consistent growth. They were both puzzled by the lack of volatility, and positioned the portfolios to protect some of the downside.”

“Our Fund Managers,” says Mark “having been taking the opportunity to buy quickly whilst prices are low. It seems perverse but they usually do this, buy low and sell high. The public have a tendency to do the opposite, and often lose money.”

From mid-February 2018, markets have slowly nudged up again from recent lows.

George adds, “the correction seems to have been put at the door of worries about increasing interest rates. The underlying economies seem relatively strong.  Listed company earnings are solid. We are watching closely but remain calm.”

Jones Harris CFP follows a strategy of multi asset investing. Our eggs are in many baskets, not just one or two. Different asset classes react in different ways to each other. When one falls, the same impetus for that fall can encourage others to rise.

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