RDPE Growth Programme, Round Three

Good news for suitable businesses looking for funding. The RDPE Growth Programme, Round Three, opened on Monday 4 November 2019.

Creation of the RDPE Growth Programme National Reserve Fund has enabled this opportunity, for which expressions of interest are invited.

The three themes available are Food Processing, rural Business Development and rural Tourism Infrastructure. Businesses can access it in all of the 36 LEP areas where the grants have previously been available.

RDPE Growth Programme, Round Three.

It’s a minimum £35 million fund, to boost rural productivity and create local jobs. The overall budget could increase to £50m to fund worthy projects.

For this funding round, the minimum grants request has come down to £20,000 from £35,000. This means more small or micro-businesses may be eligible for a grant for their projects.

The proposed new calls will operate in a very similar way to the previous round. There are a few changes to note.

  • All 3 themes now have a minimum application level of £20,000 (previously £35,000)
  • The maximum grant for Business Development is €200,000 as state aid is de minimis – currently around £175,000
  • For commercial projects, the maximum grant under Tourism Infrastructure is €200,000. Again the state aid is de minimis – currently around £175,000
  • The maximum grant for non-commercial Tourism Infrastructure (M7.5) is also capped at €200,000. The intervention rate and state aid used will differ depending on the activity. Please see the Tourism Infrastructure handbook for more detail on the grant rates for different types of project.
  • The maximum grant for Food Processing is capped at £750,000 for projects where the outputs are Annex I products. Where the output of the project is non-Annex I products will usually be limited to €200,000. Please see the Food Processing Handbook for more detail on grant rates for different types of project.

Please refer to the Handbooks for more information.

Key Dates for Applications to RDPE Grant Funding, Round Three

The Expression of Interest (EOI) application window is open from Monday 4 November to midnight Sunday 16 February 2020.

How to Get Application Advice

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) Rural Development Team will work with LEPs. They’ll schedule EOI workshops within their areas to help potential applicants understand the scheme.

RPA Rural Development Team led workshops will be staged, to provide advice on completing Expressions of Interest. They have been scheduled in various regional RPA offices. To book onto one of these workshops individuals will need to follow this link to register their attendance via Eventbrite.

Please note it is not compulsory to attend a workshop. Information on how to submit an EOI can be found on the link below.

Find out More

· For more information on how to apply to the Growth programme, go to: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rdpe-growth-programme

· Rural Payments Agency helpline : 03000 200 301

· Email: GPEnquiries@rpa.gov.uk

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