Public Demand for ‘Impact Investing’ is on the Rise

Impact investing – or positive investing is a generic term. It describes ‘doing good’ with your hard earned savings

We’re seeing a growing demand for understanding how environmental, human rights, labour and business ethics issues are considered within investment strategies. This is shown further with annual research for ‘Good Money Week 2016’ which found that 54% of British investors want their investments to have a positive impact, beyond just making money.

So, just what is Impact Investing?

Mark O’Neill of Jones Harris Chartered Financial Planners, gave us an overview:

“Impact investing – or positive investing is a generic term. It describes ‘doing good’ with your hard earned savings. For us, impact investing is about finding companies that will survive and thrive in a future where the global landscape could look very different.

“These funds are all about finding those companies with sustainable business models that will really stand the test of time, regardless of the fact of economic changing circumstances, macro changes and, changing societal needs. These companies are on the increase, may be well-known brand names and need not necessarily be in the field of green energy.”

Meeting your Investment Needs

Mark goes on to add “Investors seeking an ‘impact investment’ strategy need to be confident that their money is being used in a way that really does make a social difference whilst meeting their investment needs.

“Investors may worry that if they make an impact investment, they will not get a decent return on their money.

“Many different pieces of research*, done over decades show that you can support a better world with your investments and savings. This is without loss of potential performance. In practice these investments are brought together to spread and reduce overall risk. Your return is the average of this group. You can place these investments in your ISA, pension, or just have them in a general account.

“Impact investing is of course about making a return, investors are becoming more aware that they don’t necessarily have to choose between ‘doing well’ and ‘doing good’.”

Find out More about Impact Investing

With a passion for advising in the field of impact investing, the advisers at Jones Harris Chartered Financial Planners are well versed in helping you with your impact investing decisions.

If you would like to find out more, please call Mark O’Neill on 01253 874255 or email Mark at;

* Research by RBC Global Asset Management (2012).


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