Perks of Being Married

If you were to be practical about the wonderful institution of marriage, you’d probably put the legal claim to be next of kin at the top of the list of benefits of tying the knot.

If you were to be mercenary, you’d say it was the ability to claim the marriage tax allowance, however, it seems that over 2 million people who could be claiming it still aren’t.

Self-employed readers take note (and take action!) although it’s worth noting that if you are self-employed, a client of Jones Harris and eligible, we will have already made this claim for you – and you might not even know!

If you’ve got employees it’s worth sharing this nugget of information with them, fresh from the Jones Harris repository of money saving tips!

There are various criteria which people need to fit in with. Most obviously, they must be legally married or in a civil partnership (co-habitees need not apply), one of the couple must be a non-tax payer, and the other one a basic rate tax payer – oh and finally, you must have both been born after 6 April 1935.

The annual marriage allowance is £230 for this tax year but it can be back-dated, so anyone eligible could claim up to £662 – a nice little windfall.

Those who have already applied will automatically get it again, and HMRC only need to be informed when circumstances change.

The Money Saving Expert website has a useful guide to the ins and outs of the marriage tax allowance at this link

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