Our Covid Safe Workplace

Who would have credited that the world would look so different as we moved into a new decade. We’re all adjusting to this ‘new normal’ as it becomes clear that Covid-19 is going to be around for a long time. We’re putting additional new measures in place here in our Covid Safe workplace.

In Our Covid Safe Workplace…

Obviously our Fleetwood office complies with all of the current government requirements. But we take the coronavirus situation seriously and it’s important that we keep our staff and clients safe.


The 2m rule in particular is so easy to forget or get wrong, especially in an office environment. So members of staff are now wearing beepers which alert with an alarm when the 2m rule is breached. It’s a really good reminder that we all need to keep away from each other.

Beepers in In Our Covid Safe Workplace
Beepers in In Our Covid Safe Workplace

Air exchangers

Our St Peter’s Place office is equipped with air conditioning in each room. Obviously they haven’t been in use due to the risks associated with recirculating air. Instead, we’ve relied on good old fashioned ventilation from open windows.

However, this system also provides heat in winter along with cool air in summer. To enable staff to work without thermals, gloves and winter coats, new air exchangers are being installed to filter the air running through the units.


Perspex manufacturers, suppliers and fitters must surely be one of the winners from the coronavirus pandemic! Everywhere we go these days is fitted with perspex sneeze screens and Jones Harris is no exception.

If you’ve visited since the outbreak began you might have seen the screens in reception. They are also fitted in Directors offices too for the safety and comfort of visitors and clients. With the screens, clients can take off their masks while holding a meeting, putting them back on again when the meeting is completed.

These are just some of the measures we’ve introduced, no doubt with more to come as the months pass.

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