Never Too Old to Try

Way back in August 2015 we told you about Marc Cortinas, one of our accountants here at Jones Harris, who, like many members of the Jones Harris team, pursues his favourite sport outside of work.

Marc has played rugby all his life, and now, as he’s past the qualifying age of 35, not only enjoys taking part in Masters Rugby League, but also took part in the new commercial which can be seen promoting the game on the Premier Sports channel.

“I’m too old to play contact sport” is a phrase that’s heard all too often when we reach a certain age and Masters Rugby League is the answer for anyone who wants to continue playing once they do pass 35. It’s ideal if you want to stay fit, socialise and carry on playing contact sports and takes into account the relative fitness and ability of players of all ages – the level of contact depends on what colour shorts you wear, which in turn is determined by your age, ranging from full contact for 30 and 40 year olds, to no contact for 60 year olds.

However, the game is all about having fun, with certain tweaks to the rules to ensure matches are played in good spirit.    Saturday 25 March saw the first festival of the Masters calendar, where 9 teams from the North West and a team from Birmingham descended on Hindley, Wigan for an afternoon of Masters Rugby League.

Played in glorious sunshine, Marc and Jones Harris client David Gavaghan, played for the Blackpool Masters.  The first game was against Blackpool’s good friends, Crossfields, which ended in a draw.  Next up, Blackpool managed to inflict defeat on a well disciplined, Ryland Sharks team.  This set up nicely, the final game of the day, against the hosts, Hindley.  Blackpool dug in against a younger, faster Hindley team to earn a draw which meant Blackpool finished the day unbeaten.  The only thing left to do then was to mingle with all the other players over some food and drink, which is what Masters Rugby League is all about.  Keeping fit and forging long lasting friendships.

Find out more

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, even if you have never played Rugby League before, then contact Marc Cortinas at our office, or for social media, search for Blackpool Masters Rugby League on Facebook, or even better,  just turn up to training on Monday evenings at 5.45PM at Stanley Park (this will get later as the evenings get lighter).

You can see the promotional video for Masters Rugby League, starring Marc Cortinas (we promise that he is in there somewhere!) at this link.

Pictured are Marc Cortinas and David Gavaghan.

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