Meeting the Standards and Applying for CHAS

If you have anything at all to do with health and safety at work – whether you are a contractor or consultant supplying services, or work in procurement and require businesses to submit health and safety information to you as part of their supply of goods and services – you will have heard of CHAS.

CHAS is the ‘Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme’ and it was created in 1997 by experienced health and safety professionals to improve health and safety standards across the UK.​ The legislation was created to simplify health and safety contractor assessment by standardising requirements and to allow companies to avoid undergoing health and safety assessments for every job.

It’s not just for the construction industry – it covers all areas from the removal of asbestos to window cleaning and catering to residential care with 124 work categories to choose from when describing your own business.

If you are a contractor or a consultant you will find that many industries and larger clients will only work with suppliers who have CHAS accreditation. So if you have been supplying to (or would like to supply to) local authorities, NHS Trusts, etc, it is something which you will have to undertake.

Accreditations can be viewed as a barrier by some companies, but don’t let the requirements of applying for CHAS put you off applying for what can be very worthwhile contracts within the public sector.

The CHAS application process is fairly straightforward and done online and the cost is typically £270-380 for a business with 5-10 employees.

If you require any support with your application here at Jones Harris we can put you in touch with specialists who can help. If you have already applied but not been accepted, our contacts would be able to help you to identify why – and then put the problems right.

You should be able to demonstrate that your safety management system is properly embedded in your day to day management of health and safety, and that the way in which you document health and safety meets the required health and safety standards. These are areas which you might need particular support with, and where our network of advisors can help.

If this is something that you would like to know more about, please get in touch with us here at Jones Harris for a no obligation chat.

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