Keeping Up with Technology

Is your business keeping up with technology? Do you worry about the responsibility which comes with reliance on technology?

At the moment, it’s the turn of the social media giants to face the wrath of the regulators because of the sensitive material which is shared on their platforms. Another day, it’s an entire banking system because of network failure, or a huge data breach at a blue chip company.

It’s easy to think that ‘small businesses’ are safe from the technology problems which are faced by these internet giants, But that’s not so. We should all implement systems and software to make sure that our businesses operate safely in the digital environment and within the rules.

Keeping up with Technology

Over the last 20 years or so, here at Jones Harris we have invested considerable time, resources and money into building our own, bespoke paperless office. We’ve made that commitment to help our own company into the future, and to offer the best service which we can to clients.

However, such reliance on technology comes with significant responsibilities. They’re responsibilities which we take very seriously here at Jones Harris.

Of course we use encrypted communication, backups and storage for software databases and files. We are now further expanding on our GDPR compliance and ensuring that machines and hardware are encrypted too.

Investment in infrastructure

Over the last year, we’ve made significant investment in infrastructure. We’re utilising a hybrid cloud model which ensures disaster recovery and business continuity. It also supports mobile and/or remote working for employees.

When we plan and deliver any kind of improvement in technology, protecting client and employee data AND our commitment to data security is always paramount.

Keeping abreast of new developments

Keeping abreast of new developments in these areas is also crucial. That’s why we attended the NatWest boost CyberSecurity and MTD conference in early February 2019. We’re also aiming to meet the requirements of Cyber Essentials Plus.

Does your business cope with modern technology? If you just manage to ‘get by’ why don’t you get in touch with us here at Jones Harris for a no-obligation chat? Although we won’t provide you with digital advice ourselves, we can connect you with an expert who will.

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