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‘To fail to plan is to plan to fail’. Very true, and why we’re continuously investing in progress here at Jones Harris.

Take our IT systems for example. It was way back in 2007 when we completed the final stages of converting our traditional accountancy practice into a paperless office. However the start of the journey was many years previous to that, when the firm invested in its first computer back in the 1980s. It took up the whole of the room which is now our boardroom but had minimal processing power, only being able to produce printed invoices from information input on punch cards. Things have progressed somewhat since then!

Over the years we’ve built ‘Job Flow’ our own bespoke computer system for managing client accounts. It’s how we manage to process the paperwork of more than 1000 clients a year so quickly and accurately.

We’ve kept at the forefront of digital developments in the accountancy industry. Being able to interface client systems like Xero, FreeAgent and Sage with our own professional accountancy industry software, and then communicate digitally with HMRC enables us to cope with new legislation as it’s introduced. For example, GDPR earlier this year and the introduction of Making Tax Digital in 2019.

Investing in Progress – the next stage

This year alone, Jones Harris has invested yet another significant amount of money into the next stage of our digital development journey.

In March a full upgrade of server systems, virtual back-ups, computer and telephony systems was carried out. That was quickly followed by a root and branch review of our processes to assess our compliance with GDPR.

Further investment was made into Virtual Cabinet. That ensures we have a state of the art document management system to assist in the control of document flow, not just within the practice but also with clients.

As summer turns into autumn we’re now in the process of prioritising various projects which will ensure that our systems remain at the cutting edge for many more years. We’ll be making full use of our in-house IT Specialists skills as a programmer to achieve this.

Investing money into technology is one thing. The collaboration of our client, String Computer Systems, has been invaluable in enabling us to achieve the right outcome for our business.

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