Get your Business on Google Maps

The internet has transformed the way we find things. We all expect to find out everything that we want to know after typing in a few words, which is exactly why you should get your business on Google maps (if you haven’t already done so).

Make a note to check yours out today. If it’s not already there, get your business on Google maps. It’s a vital thing for all bricks and mortar businesses to do. It’s also quick, easy and free.

According to Google stats, 30% of searches on mobile devices are related to location. So it’s one thing that you can do to send more traffic to your website and make your phone ring more often.

If you don’t get your business on Google maps, you might as well not exist. Well, not to new customers at any rate. Anyone looking for your type of business on a mobile device simply won’t see you if you’re not listed. It’s a simple as that.

Find Jones Harris on Google Maps

In the photo above you can see that Jones Harris is pinned onto Google maps. Jones Harris appears in search results when people look for ‘Jones Harris Fleetwood’ or ‘accountant Fleetwood’.

How to get your business on Google maps

All you need to do is follow a few simple steps. It’s a free process so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get your business on Google maps.

Anyone who has used the various options to list their business with Google will be relieved to know that the process has been streamlined somewhat into Google My Business. It brings together their platforms including Google+, Analytics, AdWords and more, so it’s a lot easier to manage from one place.

Just follow this process to get your business on Google maps:

  • Go to Google my Business and sign in or create an account
  • Go to Add or Claim your Business. If your business is established it’s probably already there and just needs claiming.
  • Fill out your information. Be careful! Always describe your address consistently, wherever it appears on the internet. And be selective about the Category which you go for – choose the one that best describes most of what you do.
  • Verify your business. This process checks that you are who you say you are. There are various ways to do it, including pin numbers, authorisation codes and paper postcards which arrive in the post.
  • Confirm your business. When you’ve got the verification code enter it in your account to prove that you really are Fred Bloggs. You might have to wait up to 24 hours before your business appears.
  • Update or complete your business profile. Make it look really good and attractive to customers. Add some photos, make it look appealing. It’s an important free advert that will be seen frequently.

Go on then! Get your business on Google maps. It’s free and relatively quick and easy to do, so there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t.

If the internet and all things technical really baffle you, don’t despair. Here at Jones Harris we have a big network of tried and tested professionals who can sort out most problems. Just get in touch and we’d be happy to put you in contact with someone to help.

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