Funding for Digital Promotion for Charities

It makes you wonder how we used to function before the World Wide Web became our go-to source of information for literally anything that you want to know.

Along with this wealth of knowledge which is literally at our fingertips with the help of our trusty smartphones, it’s also a brilliant way of advertising anything which you want to promote as a business or organisation.

However, while commercial businesses spend around 45% of their marketing budget on digital promotion, the charity sector lags behind and spends only around 2%. That’s probably partly due to the fact that funding for digital campaigns is difficult to secure – yet provides some of the better outcomes.

As you know, here at Jones Harris we like to share information about funding streams (among many other things) as we come across them, and our clients and associates in the charitable sector will be interested to learn about an organisation which specialises in providing grants just for the digital promotion of charities.

The Transform Foundation offers charities funding to develop their web presence, deliver innovative digital projects and effectively make the transition from traditional forms of fundraising and service delivery towards more digitally focused models. The overall aim is to help the move towards online marketing as a way of recruiting donors, volunteers, campaigners, or helping beneficiaries.

The Foundation offers grants to cover strategy, design, development and build of an ‘amazing’ website. There are also grants available to fund Facebook and Google advertising campaigns – including the expertise to deliver them.

Any type of non-profit organisation may apply, with successful applicants in the past including causes as diverse as community development, disability, education, theatre, mental health, hospices, national heritage, volunteering, family, children and youth, addiction, homelessness, international aid, and arts.

The information about eligibility criteria is on their website, and there is a two-stage application process. Stage 1 applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout 2017.

Further information can be found on the Transform Foundation website here

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