Financing growth

Whether you’re managing a recent start-up business or leading a well-established company that’s contending with some exciting new opportunities, there may come a time when you need some extra finance to help you maintain the momentum.

As experienced accountants who have helped thousands of North West businesses to grow, we keep ourselves in very close touch with a wide variety of business funding sources, from public sector grants to private sector loans and equity funding. We can put this expertise at your disposal to help you identify the safest and most profitable ways of financing your growth.

Grant funding for growth

Across the North West there are numerous business support schemes designed to help particular kinds of enterprise. Their intended beneficiaries might range from start-ups to exporters, and from social enterprises to companies operating in particular industry sectors. Some offer a cash contribution against certain eligible expenses, while others may help you access training or certain forms of consultancy support.

Unfortunately, policy and budgetary changes in central and local government make this a fast-changing landscape, so it’s difficult for ordinary businesses to keep track. However, we work with a number of business support organisations and we can do the necessary research on your behalf. In fact, we take such an active approach to the subject that you might sometimes get an unexpected call from us, drawing your attention to potential support opportunities. You won’t need to ask; it’s just another standard benefit of being a Jones Harris client.

Private finance

Bank loans, business mortgages and venture capital investments are invariably proposed in the expectation of making a healthy profit. That’s not to say that some sources of private finance can’t be very helpful – on the contrary, countless firms use them very successfully to fuel their expansion – but it does mean that you should carefully evaluate the terms of every offer.

As chartered accountants with particular experience of helping businesses to grow, we’ve a very keen eye for detail. Consequently, if you need extra finance at any stage in your development, we’ll gladly scrutinise any deals you’ve been offered and give you the benefit of our advice. After all, it costs nothing to talk, and getting the right advice can be invaluable.

For more details, or to arrange a free consultation, please contact us today.

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