End of Life for Windows 7

The operating system was released in October 2009 This summer Microsoft announced that it is ending support for this product from 14 January 2020, effectively marking the end of life for Windows 7.

This will affect all the software you use. So, for example, there will be no support for Internet Explorer running on Windows 7.

The operating system was released in October 2009 with a 10 year support commitment from the software giant. After honouring their promise, they’ll now be concentrating their efforts on newer technologies.

What does the End of Life for Windows 7 Mean?

In real terms it means that there will be no more software updates and technical help. The consequence of which is that any PCs running Windows 7 will become vulnerable without the protection that regular updates offer.

If you haven’t already done so, you should move to the current version, which is Windows 10, before January 2020.

By upgrading, you will continue to receive the latest security updates to keep your information safe. If you don’t, your equipment will be more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

What about older devices?

However, not all older devices are readily compatible with newer operating systems. Apart from complications in the updating process, incompatibility can reduce the availability of new features.

If you do have a suitable PC you will need to buy a full version of Windows 10 to complete the upgrade. The Microsoft free upgrade offer ended some time ago.

If your equipment is showing its age it’s probably time to invest in new equipment with Windows 10 pre-installed. Current specification PCs are faster and more powerful, and they’re more secure.

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