Could your Business Benefit from a Student Research Project?

The Environment Centre at Lancaster University is inviting companies and organisations to submit their ideas for a student research project for 2019.

Is there anything that you’ve been meaning to investigate for your business, but just haven’t found the time (or had the knowledge) to be able to do it?

This is an opportunity for an in-depth piece of research for your business. It could be based around a potential new market, product, project or technology. Your company would benefit from the significant amount of time spent on a student research project, along with the expertise of their academic supervisor.

The Environment Centre is looking for projects which would be suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are extremely bright and enthusiastic students who are looking to work on real-life research projects.

Undergraduate degree subject areas include:
(more info –

  • Biology and Biological Sciences
  • Ecology and Conservation
  • Environmental and Earth Sciences
  • Geography

Postgraduate degree subject areas include:
(more info –

  • Conservation and Biodiversity
  • Environmental Management
  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Environment and Development
  • Volcanology and Geological Hazards

It could be your project which is the major piece of research appearing in a dissertation completed after a student research project.

Why not give a student a chance? At the same time it’s a brilliant opportunity to add capacity to your team, a fresh pair of eyes to a problem, and move that new project forward.

How to benefit from a student research project

If you’ve got a suitable project that you’d love some help with, make sure your opportunity is tabled by 30 September 2018.

Get in touch with us here at Jones Harris and we’ll refer you to the Environmental Centre to enquire about the suitability of your project. You can do that anytime from now until the middle of September.

They’ll have conversations with you and determine the scope of your project. Once that’s all agreed there’s a simple project outline document form to complete.

All projects are assessed by academic staff to make sure that they are suitable for students.

What happens next?

By Christmas time, students will have selected their choice of project from the ones which have been submitted. If more than one student applies for a particular project, interviews will be held.

(Please note there’s no guarantee every project will be selected – any which are not selected will not proceed but the Environment Centre will help you to find an alternative source of support).

Students will begin working on their projects from the start of 2019. Undergraduates have 9 months in which to complete their research and postgraduates 6 months. Most of their actual research will be in the early summer.

Realistically, you’re looking at the results of their findings being completed towards the back-end of 2019. It may seem like a long time-scale but bear in mind that you will receive a substantial piece of work which is academically credited. As it’s the main part of research for their degree, you can be assured it will receive their best efforts!

How much of your time will a student research project take up?

Your student will want to meet with you on a regular basis, but how you manage that is very flexible.

If you’ve got the space and capacity within your premises your student may work there with you for some weeks. Otherwise you could also keep in touch with phone and video calls and email.

The good news is that this is a free opportunity. The only cost incurred by the host company is for out of pocket expenses, including travel for site visits, field work etc. You might even be eligible for funding to cover this expense.

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