At Jones Harris We Care About Our Clients

At Jones Harris we care about our clients…are your rolling your eyes? Have you heard this before? ‘Lip service’ we hear you mutter as you look for the next webpage!

The difference is that we can prove that client service is at the core of our philosophy. The pandemic has hit us all hard. At Jones Harris we’ve been with our client base every step of the way. No charge, no agenda, no limit on advice.

How at Jones Harris We Care About our Clients

From the very start of the Covid- crisis, dedicated staff have been focused on researching grants, advice and anything that might be helpful to clients. We’ve offered it all:

  • how to complete a Covid-secure notice,
  • furlough templates,
  • little known grants,
  • the list goes on…

As soon as information is available, clients are immediately informed via an email update.

Hundreds of clients have contacted us for advice and support over the past months and all have been guided and supported by staff. It has been an emotional roller coaster at times. We’ve shared tears, anger, dark humour and relief – to name a few emotions.

Other Ways to Gain

‘Not a very commercial approach’ some of you may be thinking!

How can a business make money when they are diverting staff from their main roles?

And, it’s true we haven’t made any financial returns at all but we have gained from this experience. We’ve deepened relationships with some fabulous clients. We know we’re in a position to help and we believe we have a duty to do this.

And we believe clients are more than a service. They are hardworking people with families and bills to pay. People who have often taken risks to follow their dreams and use their talents. People who deserve the very best.

You are the Visionary

As we often say, we are the accountants and our clients are the visionaries and entrepreneurs. With the guts to follow their dreams.

Our clients range from sole traders to some very large companies. All are important to us.

Thankfully there is now a glimmer of hope as vaccinations offer us a way out of the ongoing nightmare. But we ‘ll continue to see our clients through until we all see the full light of day again.

At Jones Harris we care about our clients – and we’d care about you…

And for the more cynical of you… here it comes! The sales pitch bragging about how wonderful we are just to bag more business.

We could dress it up and pretend otherwise but it’s true we are also a business and we would love to welcome more clients to Jones Harris. But we are confident that we are committed to our customers. At Jones Harris we care about our clients and can prove that service is central to everything we do.

So, if you want an accountant who sees you as more than a tax return or set of accounts why not give us a call on 01253 874255.

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The Jones Harris Difference
  • A personal, dedicated contact
  • Free strategic advice on growth and profitability
  • Unlimited telephone / email support
  • Proactive tax advice and analysis
  • Profitability checks via competitor benchmarking
  • A steady flow of good money-saving ideas
  • Active business network introductions
  • Secure client web-space for document sharing
  • No need to email important/sensitive data
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