Accountancy for solicitors

As registered auditors, Jones Harris can produce Solicitors’ Accountants Reports in accordance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority Accounts Rules. As a result, we can keep you fully compliant with your formal accounting requirements while also offering you all the practical accounting services and business support facilities you need.

Solicitors’ accountants reports

We have a long history of working with successful legal practices and have a clear understanding of how to make a positive difference to your business. An important part of that is speed and efficiency. To maintain strict compliance with Solicitors Regulation Authority requirements, all client accounts must be audited within six months of their year-end. Many firms leave it late but our fast, efficient, paperless system means we can complete your audits quickly and reliably – leading to fewer breaches and greater peace of mind.

Other services

We offer an invaluable range of accounting and advisory services. Naturally, we can provide all the usual accountancy support you’d expect – annual audits and accounts, bookkeeping, tax returns and so on – but you can also count on us for expert analysis and advice when it comes to maximising your profits and keeping a tight rein on cashflow.

For many solicitors, regular scrutiny of management accounts provides a revealing, ongoing insight into the underlying health of the business. We can highlight potential problems and opportunities to make efficiency savings, but we can also help you to bring money in faster and show you how to speed work-in-progress. In short, we can give you all the information you need to keep your practice secure, profitable and efficient.

We also recognise that practices evolve over time and that their needs will inevitably change. For example, as you grow and develop, you may need to consider whether a different business structure might be more tax efficient. Should you operate as a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company? In time, you may encounter many such important questions; we have the experience to help you with all of them.

For solicitors, some of our most useful services include:

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The Jones Harris Difference
  • A personal, dedicated contact
  • Free strategic advice on growth and profitability
  • Telephone / email support available
  • Proactive tax advice and analysis
  • Profitability checks via competitor benchmarking
  • A steady flow of good money-saving ideas
  • Active business network introductions
  • Secure client web-space for document sharing
  • No need to email important/sensitive data
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