Accountancy for charities & the third sector

Charities, social enterprise and other not-for-profit organisations face specific accounting requirements that go well beyond the remit of many ordinary accountancy practices. If you run a third sector organisation, then the legal obligations upon you – coupled with the need to operate as efficiently as possible – make it a very good idea to entrust your accounts to a practice with long experience in this field.

At Jones Harris, we’ve been helping not-for-profit organisations for almost the whole of our 40+ year history. We understand the legal obligations you face, the specific tax regulations that apply and the manner in which your accounts must be audited and presented. Naturally, we also understand how you can take advantage of all eligible tax allowances and we’ll make sure you never pay a penny more than you should.

In addition of course, we’ll always be there to offer you strategic advice on any big decisions you’re facing, and we’ll help you stay abreast of your organisation’s performance by providing all the management accounts and information you need.

Our accountancy services for charities and third sector clients include:

  • Auditing and accounts
  • Provision of management accounts and financial analysis
  • Tax planning
  • Strategic advice, available any time
  • Proactive advice on tax allowances, eligible expenses etc.
  • Advice and information about eligible grants and funding
  • Advice and support regarding Gift Aid, donations, VAT and other key issues
  • Employment support – payroll, worker status, workplace pensions and expenses for volunteers
  • Outsourced accountancy services – e.g. bookkeeping, payroll, VAT work etc.

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The Jones Harris Difference
  • A personal, dedicated contact
  • Free strategic advice on growth and profitability
  • Telephone / email support available
  • Proactive tax advice and analysis
  • Profitability checks via competitor benchmarking
  • A steady flow of good money-saving ideas
  • Active business network introductions
  • Secure client web-space for document sharing
  • No need to email important/sensitive data
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