Growing a business

Most business owners are very keen to see their enterprise expand and develop, but rapid growth brings its own special challenges. Some businesses falter at this stage while others forge on ahead. The difference is often a matter of leadership, strategy and how key roles are assigned.

Effective leadership is crucial for a thriving business. There must always be a clear strategy for the nature and direction of the company. Owners and directors who chase every opportunity can quickly find themselves getting bogged down under the pressures of fire-fighting and an ever-mounting to-do list. By contrast, those who most often fare best are those who take the time to keep a close eye on their markets, their customers and the competition.

It’s impossible to over-stress the importance of having the time to think, to plan and to lead. That’s why, at Jones Harris, we never put restrictions on the availability of our directors. If you’re a customer and you’re facing a challenge, we’ll always be there to talk strategy, solutions and common sense.

Accountancy for growing businesses

As a very well established, award winning accountancy practice, we’re ideally placed to help North West companies to realise their commercial ambitions. From Jones Harris you can expect:

  • A detailed understanding of the growth process and all its challenges
  • Proactive consultancy and advice about your growth strategy
  • Ready access to vital management data such as sales, costs and cash flow
  • Meaningful financial projections: helping you plan and invest effectively
  • Experienced business troubleshooting support
  • Information about grants and sources of appropriate finance
  • Expertise in helping you maximise any Patent Box tax savings
  • Advice about choosing the best legal entity for continued growth : partnership, limited company etc.
  • Advice and support with issues such as VAT registration, auto-enrolment etc.
  • Advice about exit strategies and succession planning

Outsourced accountancy services

As your business grows, so the workload can mount up. Rather than take it all on yourself or recruit more staff at a time when you’ll want to be especially careful about cash flow, there are many routine tasks that can easily be delegated to us. For a fraction of the cost of taking on a full time financial director, we can handle issues such as:

For more details, or to arrange a free consultation, please contact us today.

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    The Jones Harris Difference
    • A personal, dedicated contact
    • Free strategic advice on growth and profitability
    • Telephone / email support available
    • Proactive tax advice and analysis
    • Profitability checks via competitor benchmarking
    • A steady flow of good money-saving ideas
    • Active business network introductions
    • Secure client web-space for document sharing
    • No need to email important/sensitive data
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