A tailored approach

Every business is unique, so why accept anything less than a uniquely tailored service from your accountant?

At Jones Harris we believe in offering a genuinely bespoke service and making life easy for our clients. That’s why we’ll hold meetings at your chosen time and venue, why we’ll give you unrestricted access to our partners, and why we’ll give you free and impartial telephone advice as often as you need it.

For every customer, the relationship begins with a free consultation. There’s nothing especially unusual in that, of course, but you’ll soon start to notice what we like to think of as ‘the Jones Harris difference’. You’ll see it in the kind of questions we ask, in our eagerness to help and in the quality of the advice we offer.

As the relationship develops, you’ll see that our whole culture is about being proactive; being keen to earn our keep. We aim to work as an extension of your team – finding ways to save you money, delivering active support, and giving you the benefit of honest advice. You’ll find us wholly committed to the prosperity of your business, and you can count on us to contribute a steady flow of intelligent feedback and analysis.

Bespoke solutions for all kinds of business

Over many years, we’ve supported enterprises of all kinds. We’ve seen simple ideas become multi-million pound ventures, and we’ve helped business owners to find ways of realising both their commercial and personal ambitions.

With such experience comes insight and expertise, and every Jones Harris customer can take advantage of it. Sometimes we’ll provide encouragement and support; sometimes we’ll provide a much-needed reality-check. We approach every company differently because that’s the key to delivering real value.

Offering regular reviews, a personal contact and a valuable capacity for problem-solving, we’re here to help you – whatever challenges you face. If you’d like to know more, please call us today.

The Jones Harris Difference
  • A personal, dedicated contact
  • Free strategic advice on growth and profitability
  • Telephone / email support available
  • Proactive tax advice and analysis
  • Profitability checks via competitor benchmarking
  • A steady flow of good money-saving ideas
  • Active business network introductions
  • Secure client web-space for document sharing
  • No need to email important/sensitive data
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